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Luola presents the debut album of Subact, a duo from Dresden, Germany.

Felix was a DJ and a record collector before buying his first drum computer and becoming addicted to electronic sounds. Martin grew up with punk and, having played the drums since the age of 5, developed a deep love for drum'n'bass. They call their music drumtronix and Subact is the essence of their personal growth and musical friendship.

The Outside World is an album that defies genres by moving from territory to territory, flowing onwards, guided by Felix's skillful use of electronics and Martin's intense live drumming.

The album is available in our main label's shop as a premium edition that includes both a 12" LP and a CD version and comes with an MP3 download code. A digital version is available on Bandcamp and various streaming platforms.

Note to those living in or near Dresden: An album release party is scheduled for tomorrow! Head there to witness Subact live. Details available on Facebook.

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