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Childhood Amnesia Album Out!

Luola releases Lasse Tapio Junnila's debut album Childhood Amnesia on Friday 12th of February. You can listen the album on pretty much every streaming service such as Spotify, AppleMusic, Beatport, Deezer, Tidal, etc. Also on Luola's Bandcamp Page.

Not many of us remember our childhood too accurately. Memories intertwine with different emotions and nostalgia. We think we remember something in detail, or is it just a memory of a memory? While children can memorize things with extreme precision, few adults actually remember any time before the age of three. This phenomenon is called childhood memory loss, and Lasse Tapio Junnila has built his debut album around the subject.

The album hard to fit in a certain sub-genre. Instead it wanders in different moods of childhood memories, exploring the aesthetics of ambient, IDM and techno.

Lasse Tapio Junnila started writing songs in 2018 after getting a hold of his first own sampler. The first pieces were created to accompany the art of visual artist Tuuli Oikkonen and were featured in her exhibitions around Finland in Rovaniemi, Oulu and Helsinki and in Berlin, Germany.

In the autumn of the same year, Junnila began playing live, utilizing a hardware live setup from the very beginning while also putting the dancefloor first. He eagerly plays at venues with a proper PA and an enthusiastic party crowd.

Junnila lives in Turku, Finland. His background is in more band-orientated music. Junnila is also a member of groups such as Sepikka, The Botherers and Villi Huhu.


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