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Concorde Pilot - Three Words EP Out Now

When Saku Kämäräinen was a kid, he loved air travel and admired aviation. He could never become a pilot, so he became Concorde Pilot. Rhythmic and emotional, his music is inspired by feelings evoked by aviation and the duality surrounding the topic. Contemplating your past and future adventures, feeling the anticipation of the upcoming journey, while being confined to a pressurised aluminium tube, a highly unnatural environment. Feeling the freedom and taking in the beauty of the blue sky, while knowing that this form of transportation is one of the reasons our planet could become inhabitable in the near future.

The new EP Three Words features 30 minutes of Concorde Pilot's signature sound: electronic in character, but melancholic and beautiful in a human way. Perfect for lonely late-night listening but also suitable for dancefloors.


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