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HLER - Realignment Out Now

Realignment is an hour long trip to subconscious paths that HLER travels on by improvising and reacting, navigating by intuition. Erratic, electric, slightly noisy, but occasionally dissolving the desolate industrial landscape to reveal beautiful harmonics, like plants slowly taking over an abandoned man-made environment.

The album is out now on Bandcamp and streaming platforms, and also available as a limited cassette edition, sold by Luova Shop.

HLER will play a 3 hour improvised set live tomorrow at the Entresse Library in Espoo, Finland. Details on Facebook. The event begins at 12 pm. Free entry! Cassettes will be sold at the show.

HLER is the project of two veteran electronic musicians, Heikki Lindgren and Esa Ruoho (Lackluster), making expeditions into electronic soundscapes. The sounds are sourced from a Mochika XL synthesizer, operated by Lindgren, fed through various effects and eventually into Ruoho's laptop. Ruoho then samples and loops the sounds using various software, to which Lindgren reacts with new sounds. By exploring the methods of improvisation and interaction, HLER is engaging in an unforeseeable electronic dialogue: no two performances are the same and they can not be recreated.


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