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New Artist: Lasse Tapio Junnila

Lasse Tapio Junnila - Photo by Joel Karppanen

Writing and performing electronic music under his own name, Lasse Tapio Junnila started writing his own songs in 2018 after getting a hold of his first own sampler. The first pieces were created to accompany the art of visual artist Tuuli Oikkonen and were featured in her exhibitions around Finland in Rovaniemi, Oulu and Helsinki and in Berlin, Germany.

In the autumn of the same year, Junnila began playing live, utiziling a hardware live setup from the very beginning while also putting the dancefloor first. He eagerly plays at venues with a proper PA and an enthusiastic party crowd.

Luola will release a single called Childhood Amnesia, along with a music video, on November 13. It's the titular track from Junnila's upcoming debut & concept album, presenting some if its danceable side. More info coming on release day. In the meantime, head over to Bandcamp and check out Granular Well Being, a fresh ambient track that Junnila decided to release to celebrate our collaboration.

Originating from Pattijoki in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland, Junnila currently lives in Turku, Finland, and is active in bands such as Sepikka, The Botherers and Villi Huhu.

Photograph by Joel Karppanen.


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