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New Music from Lappländer

Saniaisportti (Fern Gate) by Lappländer is a dreamlike album about the short but intense Finnish summer. Lappländer's expression is more rhythmic than ever, with the album consisting of five synthpop-like tracks before easing out into a more familiar ambient landing. The opening track Päivänkorento (Mayfly) if now available on our YouTube channel. The album will be out on May 6 as a digital only release.

Tracklist: 1. Päivänkorento (Mayfly) 2. Siitepölyä (Pollen) 3. Sadepäivä (Rainy Day) 4. Seestyy (Clearing Up) 5. Helleaalto (Heatwave) 6. Taivaan linnut (Birds in the Sky) 7. Yötön yö (Nightless Night)

Cover art: Tapio Laitinen


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