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Out Now: Lappländer - Loppu ja alku

Lappländer - Loppu ja alku (Cover design: Tapio Laitinen)


Lappländer's new album Loppu ja alku (The End And The Beginning) moves from one dimension to other - from milky way to the riverbank, from outer space to inner space. Every thing and every phenomenon is a part of the same cycle, constant change and rebirth. Lappländer's philosophy is to include the listener in the creative process. The music is experienced in a different way depending on time, place and the listener's state of mind. It's mostly improvised and recorded on the first take, but over time it forms into some kind of a story in the listener's head, being open to their interpretation. The aim is to seize the moment in order to keep everything fresh and to preserve the joy of discovery. This record was heavily inspired by the movies of Luis Bunuel and the classic movie Stalker by Andrei Tarkovski. Like Bunuel's movies, the music takes turns into unexpected and surprising directions. The aesthetic of Stalker is evident in the delicate balance between beauty and harshness. Lappländer aims to make timeless music, and that is reflected also on the technical side of things, where old and new blend into one. Vintage analog gear and modern software instruments are played side by side. Lappländer also employs his own variations of tape techniques originally used by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

The album is out now on streaming services and Bandcamp.

Cover design by Tapio Laitinen


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