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Out Now: Lappländer - Saniaisportti

Saniaisportti (Fern Gate) is a dreamlike summer record, a different take on the Finnish summer landscape.

Lappländer's expression is more rhythmic than ever.

The opening track Mayfly consists of three parts, representing the life cycle of said insect. The dub-influenced Pollen is a dusty breeze of air from the most intense growing season.

After A Rainy Day it's Clearing Up as sun finally shines through the clouds and the smells of moist grass and wet asphalt fill the air. Then, Heatwave radiates relentlessly to the point of being almost oppressive.

Finally, Birds in the Sky and Nightless Night calm things down, giving time to reflect on the wonders of nature.

The compositions were realised into raw tracks while spending time at a summer home. Finishing touches were added and post-production carried out in a more urban everyday environment.

Saniaisportti is out now on streaming services and Bandcamp. This is a digital-only release.


1. Päivänkorento (Mayfly)

2. Siitepölyä (Pollen)

3. Sadepäivä (Rainy Day)

4. Seestyy (Clearing Up)

5. Helleaalto (Heatwave)

6. Taivaan linnut (Birds in the Sky)

7. Yötön yö (Nightless Night)

All compositions, recording, mixing and mastering:

Janne Lappalainen

Cover: Tapio Laitinen

Executive Producer: Visa Uotila / Luola

Music publisher: Luova Productions osk


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