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Out Now: Lauri Kallio - Rusko

Lauri Kallio - Rusko cover

In the Finnish city of Tampere, somewhere between the districts of Hervanta and Annala, there is an industrial zone called Rusko. Lauri Kallio used to spend time there during his teens, walking around the gloomy surroundings, as it was a peaceful place, especially in the evenings and nighttime. When Kallio was finishing his yet unnamed record, working in the Roihupelto industrial district in Helsinki, the rainy autumn evenings reminded him of the times spent in Rusko. So it felt natural to give this name to the record.

The first recordings took place already in 2017, in the village of Kiikala, Finland Proper, the birthplace of Lauri Kallio's father. The very first recorded material was a bunch of four track tape loops made in an attic, where Kallio's grandfather used to maintain his hunting weapons. At the time, there was no vision for an album - only a compulsive need to create something. The experiments and creative work continued in Göteborg. At some point a collection of recordings began to form into an album and the work was finished when Kallio moved back to Finland.

Rusko fuses together electronic minimalism, ambient and jazz, and so it naturally fits into the continuum of nordic experimental jazz music. In addition to industrial cityscapes the music has been inspired by clean nature, friendship and all touching music experienced throughout life.

Everything on the record, except for the covers, is self-made and some tracks feature Kallio's musician friends Anders Hagberg, Eero Savela, Johannes Sarjasto and Jesse Ojajärvi.

The record is supposed to be like a big, warm hug or a trusted friend whenever you feel lonely. That's what it was for Lauri Kallio.

The record is released on cd and digital platforms, including Bandcamp, by Luola. A limited batch of cds are available on Luova Shop.

Lauri Kallio's playing and producing skills have recently been associated with Ville Lähteenmäki Utopia, Janne Masalin, Frankosun and the Family, UNYA and The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo. In addition, he has mixed Juna Kainuuseen, the breakthrough album of the renowned indie-rocker Litku Klemetti.


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