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Out now: Mechanic Membrane - Clock Hands

Mechanic Membrane's music is born whenever there's enough spare time. Clock Hands took its form little by little during four years, reflecting experiences and feelings undergone during that period.

A stylistic groundwork is laid with trip hop, ambient, house and techno. And like its creator, the album is prone to melancholy. The resulting overall sound is distinctively Nordic - dark and gloomy, yet surprisingly warm, even cozy.

The songs are arranged chronologically but in a mirror image. In a sense the album is moving backwards, from the end to the beginning. It is up to the listener to decide which time period it is portraying.

The album is out now on streaming services and Bandcamp. This is a digital-only release.

Mechanic Membrane in one of Samuli Kivelä's many projects. Having been involved in music since the age of ten, Kivelä now works as a musician and sound designer. His work covers everything from rock bands to interdisciplinary arts. Various active projects at this time include Serot, Ramy Essam Band, L'boyzzz, Surrealiisa, Why So Shy and Recover Laboratory.


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