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Veera Neva - Avaruuskaipuu out now

Veera Neva (aka Veera Tuomi) is a musician and composer based in Tampere, Finland, whose ears are always open to new sound environments and to the fascination of music. Interests lie in where sound and music as well as improvised and composed music meet.

The artist perceives music as chasing one’s inner worlds and expanding them, creating ‘soundverses’, and seeking connection to the deeper dimensions of the mind. The music has been created with saxophone, with vocals and synths, but also with other instruments and objects. Veera Neva has composed, played and recorded the entirety of the album material.

The album ‘Avaruuskaipuu’ (the longing for space) is a mixture of tones from electronic music, choral music, ambient and jazz with avant-garde nuances. Improvisation, the playfulness of the moment, has been the driving force behind the more thought-out compositions. These have ultimately created a world that is designed to be listened to as a whole from start to finish.

The source of inspiration comes from nature and the entire universe. The album is a journey through different layers of the mind to a more open landscape, from microcosms to macrocosm.


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